If you’re looking for a versatile and truly different international independent female companion and more now based in Toronto until 1 December 2016, why should you contact this one?


Any female can be a companion. No degree nor years of expensive studies required, yet the potential is there for her to earn more than do many people who have achieved both of the above, right? And that’s exactly why millions of females think they are companions! But you know that reality is different – that’s why you’re reading this! Well, my mission is to prove to you that the one-in-a-million exceptions proves the rule.

A companion in the true sense of the word is not an object of lust, quenching ego issues, internal conflicts, and frustration with life, but a trustworthy friend who adds tangible fulfilment, benefits, joy, and energy to the lives of those whom she keeps company, an anchor for celebrating life, its finer things, and special moments. But why should you choose Kay-Lauren to be your companion? Get all the why, who, what, where & when, and for how much from the consequent pages of this site.