Millions of women who claim to be luxury independent companions out there – so why risk choosing Kay-Lauren?


  • I guarantee to give you all your money back if you don’t like your experience with me!  You’ve nothing to risk, nor lose!
  • Risk = unfamiliarity.  At this point you don’t know who I am.  So I invite you to familiarize yurself with my personality and values at my traveling courtesan’s, massage, and coaching blog. 
  • I don’t look like a courtesan.  The benefit for both of us: when we’re out in the public eye, we won’t have people pointing at us.
  •  My age goes in your favor.  Men who look for courtesans of my level look for them for company, maturity, life experience.  Men who look for women aged under 35 look for different things. Maturity is attractive. A woman under 35 won’t have maturity.
  • 99% of self-proclaimed “luxury courtesans” are shouting superlatives, yet  treat men in ways opposite of luxury.  What would be the point in adding to this trend?  You’ll only enjoy your time with a courtesan when you know where you stand and that she is real enough to do as she and her website says.
  • Most independent “courtesans” will give you very little for your money.  I’m not motivated by money, thus have no reason to treat you like a mobile ATM!  Life’s too precious to spend it doing what we hate!
  • The higher the class of the independent courtesan, the higher her fees.  No woman is worth tens of thousands of any currency plus Cartier jewelry as an extra gift for her time.  I believe in reasonable and memorable, and even if you do have more money than you know what to do with, remember that exorbitant fees don’t always guarantee exceptional quality!
  • …and the greater their greed!  While many women who call themselves “high-end courtesans” are low enough to blackmail their clients for money, this is not part of my nature.  A person who is not motivated by money has no motivation to do that!
  • The word massage is used to an unhealthy extent these days.  It means different things to different people and not everyone who claims to offer it knows how to give a relaxing and health-promoting massage properly.  Yet a massage executed well can be the best stress reliever in the world!  I’m qualified and passionate to show men how a massage should be done!
  • Discretion is an important factor for men who engage with independent courtesans.  Discretion is always in the detail, timeless consistency, and all forms of communication.  Most courtesans do not bother to think through the details, because they see nothing in it for them.  But if what goes around comes around, I’m proud to be different – being considerate costs nothing!
  • Discretion and 100% confidentiality go hand in hand.  Yet how many cases have there been in the media where greedy independent courtesans kissed and told for a quick buck?  I’d rather earn my buck slowly, but with clean conscience and lifelong trusting friendships!
  • Money talks, but not to everyone.  Principles are expensive, but I prefer to remain incorruptible to being bought into practices that might threaten my health, safety, dignity, discretion, integrity.   The benefit to you: you won’t dip your life in doubtful circles, give you and your family a disease, nor destroy your dignity!
  • What could possibly be the benefit for you in knowing that I send 9 out of 10 callers elsewhere because I place the compatibility of our personalities, values, interests, and desires before my monetary gain?  The benefit to you: the better this compatibility, the better the quality of the connection you’re buying!
  • While most independent courtesans operate restricted hours which is not convenient for many traveling professionals, I strive for maximal flexibility on times of engagements to suit us both. But to achieve this standard consistently a degree of planning must be employed.  Please refer to the guidelines for notice periods.

…and why others chose Kay-Lauren and stayed loyal for years…

Since reviews are false game in the world of courtesans, I took a different approach.  Without these gentlemen knowing [in order to preserve maximal authenticity of their responses] I recorded their answers to my question: What is it that has been making you come back over the years?   Here’s what they say and even if some of the responses will not make total sense to you, I’m sure you’ll get the idea. 

Perspective 1 Perspective 2 Perspective 3 Perspective 4 Perspective 5 Perspective 6