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In this article I’ll tell you why so many people use the word mature  outdatedly when they relate it purely to age. And why its well outdated usage is conventionalized so deeply that nobody questions it when surfing the net for a new friend.  So if you’re now curious and want to be more mature about the concept of mature, …  Read More

Why Men Shouldn’t Take Reviews Seriously and I Don’t Allow Them

Reviews used to be good – when they started being posted. And they still can be good – in some industries. But not in that of high end companionship. Why? Hence why should men not waste time with reading reviews of elite companions? Read More

High Class Isn’t High Class Anymore

…and hasn’t been for a long time. Where has high class gone? Why? How does a man looking for a courtesan tell who really is of high class? After all, everyone seems to claim to be… Read More

Did You See My Details in a Directory Listing?

Did you find a link to my site in a directory listing? Or better still, did you find my site on a search engine and not in a directory listing? Then I invite you to bear the following in mind:  Read More

Cultural Differences in Men’s Understanding of Companionship

Different folks, different strokes. Those of you who travel a lot or live abroad know this adage well.  It applies to every aspect of life. And high end companionship is no exception.  How do men from different cultures understand the concept of high end companionship? And how do cultural differences reflect in men’s understanding of high end companionship? Read More

Don’t Feed High End Companions’ Greed!

Why do high end companions have a reputation for being greedy?  And how do their clients feed the greed?  Read More

How Can You Be More Creative at Giving?

How are we redefining giving in our prosperous world?  What’s making us rethink our forms of giving when we’re having it so good in life?  Read More

Does It Pay to Be Honest With and About Money?

Does it pay to be honest with and about money?  If it does pay, does it pay more than it would not to be honest with and about money?  If you choose to be honest, are you being stupid?  Silly?  If you told your friends about your honest reaction in a situation where money was concerned, would they judge you as crazy?  Or would they applaud you? How would you react in situations which give you the option to be or not to be honest with money?  What would you do in a situation like the one described here? Read More


Albeit many people have told me that they wouldn’t live in the States even if one paid them, I’ve never heard anyone say anything bad about Canada – yet.  So why is Canada enjoying such a lovable status?  Why will the Canadian passport have higher value than even the British one in 10 – 15 years if not sooner?   Read More

How I Helped Toronto Police Catch a Criminal

Crime leaves no industry unaffected, but if one's attuned to the environment, it can be detected and stopped.

Read More

A Tale of Two Cities: Toronto – London UK

What are the differences in living in Toronto and London UK? How does a high end companion who has bases in Toronto and London UK compare life in them?  If you’re travel curious, here’s her limited account.  And I promise you that the reading will be much lighter than Dickens! Read More

3 Critical Mistakes That Men Make When Selecting a Companion

Why do many men’s impulse choices of companion or adult entertainer bite them in the neck?  Here’s a succinct account of the most frequent critical mistakes that men can avoid when selecting a companion.  Read More

Why Men Often Find a Disaster Instead of a Companion

Finding a companion can be as exhausting as and perhaps even more so than dating. This is because the prevailing attitude is that because you’re paying, you expect to get the perfect person and experience.  If the person and experience does not turn out to be perfect, isn’t that upsetting?  So how can you, the searching man, shorten the costly process of trial and error? And how can you learn to prevent getting it wrong more times than getting it right?    Read More