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Why Aromatherapy Works

In conversations about aromatherapy I often hear the objection that people don’t trust essential oils for curing their conditions more than they trust commercially prepared products sold in pharmacies and health stores. One conversation about the potency of essential oils with a long years loyal recipient of my massages inspired me to share why aromatherapy works and always will work.  So here it is:  Continue reading “Why Aromatherapy Works” »

Aromatherapy for the Corporate Man

Corporate life has taken and will continue to take it out of many a person. Essential oils and their ready made blends are an easily available, ecological,  kinder to your body that synthetic drugs, immensely effective, and (considering that you need very small amounts) inexpensive solution to keeping yourself healthy and productive in the corporate environment.  If this solution appeals to you, feel free to extract the tips that most resonate with you and try treating them with the oils that treat them for the next few months.  You’ll definitely feel the diff and may even become an inspiration to your eternally pill swallowing colleagues!  Continue reading “Aromatherapy for the Corporate Man” »

Would You Sleep Without Me?

Would you sleep without me?  Sleeping with me would keep you awake!  And keeping awake is what people in today’s at least western society do way too much of – to the cost of their health, productivity, and quality of life.  Do you sleep enough? Or do you cast sleep down the priorities list?

Continue reading “Would You Sleep Without Me?” »

When Not to Have Massage

Although massage is generally enormously beneficial, there are a few occasions when you should avoid it.  What are those occasions?  Continue reading “When Not to Have Massage” »

Tip for Guys Who Exercise

If you regularly exercise in the style of 3 sets of 12, 15, or 20 exercises, you’ll be familiar with your brain going off course while your body is going through the motions of the 3 sets just as it got into the flow / rhythm of the exercise sequence. Somewhere around halfway you suddenly realise that you’ve lost count and are now in a quandary about whether you’re on the 2nd or 3rd set – let alone which repetition you’re just doing at the time of having realised that you’ve lost count!  How can you prevent this?  Continue reading “Tip for Guys Who Exercise” »

Aromatherapy for Animal Owners

Here’re 4 tips on how you can successfully use aromatherapy to ward off everyday unpleasant aftermaths of the animal world.   Continue reading “Aromatherapy for Animal Owners” »

Shall We Have a Drink?

Drinking regularly is important and necessary.  Yet even this is a thing that many a member of today’s world either do incorrectly or completely avoid / omit.  Drinking 3 or more cups of coffee per day and a glass of wine or beer after dinner really isn’t the right way to hydrate our bodies to keep it healthy.  Even though things are gradually improving, the current Western society is still set to suppress basic human biological needs.  Many things are somehow more important than satisfying the biological needs.  In many workplaces people are so busy that they get lucky to get the time to use the washroom once in the course of a work day.  In some professions, such as retail, drinking on the sales floor is still considered prohibited behavior!  During a long meeting standing up and stretching the stiff body is somehow not always appropriate.  Thus people have little choice but to gradually get used to not respecting the biological signals from their bodies.  Many thus gradually interpret them incorrectly or cease to be aware of them at all.  Often the perceived feeling of hunger is really a feeling of thirst.  It would only take a glass of water and the “hunger” would vanish.  All this stands against the benefits of regular drinking regime.   Continue reading “Shall We Have a Drink?” »

Shall I Pour You Another Glass?

In my previous post I described the signs and dangers of dehydration and outlined how drinking water is immensely important for our health, wellbeing, and productivity.  But the resounding question of many people is how to drink correctly.  This post gives some answers.   Continue reading “Shall I Pour You Another Glass?” »

4 Much Less Obvious Benefits of Massage


Here they are: Continue reading “4 Much Less Obvious Benefits of Massage” »

How Can a Man Use Aromatherapy in a Bachelor’s Pad?

4 ways a man on his own can use aromatherapy:

Continue reading “How Can a Man Use Aromatherapy in a Bachelor’s Pad?” »

Feeling the Tension in the Shoulders, Neck, Upper Back?

If you spend a lot of time sitting in a car or at a desk, this quick simple neck and shoulder self-massage will relieve the painful creeping tension and tight painful muscles of neck and shoulders heighten your productivity.  Learn it here! Continue reading “Feeling the Tension in the Shoulders, Neck, Upper Back?” »

Things That Every Man Can Do for Free to Boost His Intimate Life

If your intimate life needs improving, it’s clear feedback pointing to something you’ve been doing to this moment.  Your quality of intimacy won’t improve unless you take action to improve it.  Placing the responsibility of improving it for you on others won’t get you anywhere either, so no excuse, you’ve gotta put yourself out if you wish to reap rewards.  Here’re 19 answers to the question how.  Your doctor won’t tell you these and they don’t cost a penny / cent, so go ahead – you’ve plenty to gain, nothing to lose! Continue reading “Things That Every Man Can Do for Free to Boost His Intimate Life” »

Why Massage: Can Be Greater Than Artificial Sex

Over the years of practicing massage I’ve observed that a large proportion of western men still doesn’t see the importance and benefits of massage. Although I fully understand that this may be due to social conditioning and the impact of the euphemism for unrelated activities that the word massage has unfortunately become, I’m determined to shine light on the tremendous benefits and unassuming, understated, yet immensely powerful intimacy of the beautiful art of massage. Continue reading “Why Massage: Can Be Greater Than Artificial Sex” »

Researching Massage Ads? How Do You Know Which Massage to Pick?

When calling around for a massage treatment, how do you know which one to choose? This article will definitely help you: Continue reading “Researching Massage Ads? How Do You Know Which Massage to Pick?” »