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Pros and Cons of Massage Tables

If you’re a seasoned recipient of massage, you may strongly prefer getting it on a massage table – or not. If you’re a man who stumbled across my blog and immersed himself in its pearls of wisdom, I’ll tell you the pros and cons of massage tables. And which option you’d get if you came for a massage to me.  Read More

Independent Masseuse or Massage Clinics / Parlours – Which Is Better?

Gentlemen, why is it better to go to an independent masseuse than a massage clinic or parlour if you want a real quality massage?  Read More

Why Aromatherapy Works

In conversations about aromatherapy I often hear the objection that people don’t trust it to cure their conditions more than they trust commercially prepared medications from pharmacies and health or drug stores. One conversation about the potency of essential oils with a longtime loyal recipient of my massages inspired me to share why aromatherapy works and always will work.  So here it is:  Read More

Aromatherapy for the Corporate Man

Corporate life has taken and will continue to take it out of many a man. Aromatherapy – the application of essential oils and their blends – is an easily available, ecological,  kinder to the body than synthetic drugs, immensely effective, and (considering that you need very small amounts) inexpensive solution to keeping a man healthy and productive in the corporate environment.  If this solution appeals to you, try the tips that resonate with you for the next few months.  You’ll certainly feel the difference and may even become an inspiration to your eternally pill swallowing colleagues!  Read More

Would You Sleep Without Me?

Would you sleep without me?  Sleeping with me would keep you awake!  And keeping awake is what people in today’s at least western society certainly do way too much of – to the cost of their health, productivity, and quality of life.  Do you sleep enough? Or do you cast this beautiful gift down the priorities list?

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When Not to Have Massage

Although massage is generally enormously beneficial and certainly a great pleasure when done well, there are occasions when you should not have it.  What are those occasions?  Read More

A Tip for Guys Who Exercise

If you regularly exercise – especially in busy gyms – in 3 sets of 12, 15, or 20 exercises, you’ll be familiar with your brain going off course while your body is going through the motions of the sequence. Somewhere you suddenly realize that you’ve lost count and are in a quandary about whether you’re on the 2nd or 3rd set!  How can you prevent this? How can you concentrate solidly? Read More

Aromatherapy for Animal Owners

Here’re 4 tips on how animal owners can successfully use aromatherapy to ward off everyday unpleasant aftermaths of the animal world.   Read More

Shall We Have a Drink?

Are men great at or really terrible at drinking?  Read More

How Should Men Be Drinking Water for Higher Sexappeal?

In my previous article I described the signs and dangers of dehydration and outlined how drinking water is immensely important for men’s health, wellbeing, and productivity.  But the resounding question of many men is how to drink water correctly.  Here are some answers.   Read More

4 Much Less Obvious Benefits of Massage

The obvious benefits of the beautiful art and science of massage are all over the internet. The 4 not obvious benefits of massage are: Read More

How Can Men Use Aromatherapy at Home?

Are you also one of many men who live on their own? These few ways how men who live on their own can use aromatherapy at home will certainly make your life healthier and more pleasant:

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Feeling Tension in the Shoulders, Neck, Upper Back?

If you sit in cars or at desks for long periods of time, this quick simple neck and shoulders self-massage will relieve the creeping tension and tight painful muscles of the neck and shoulders. And the relief will certainly heighten your productivity.  Hence learn it here! Read More

19 Things All Men Can Do for Free to Improve Intimate Life

If men need to improve their intimate life, it’s clear feedback reflecting something they’ve been doing to this moment.  The quality of intimacy won’t improve unless you take action to improve it.  Placing the responsibility of improving it on others won’t get you anywhere either. So no excuse – you have to work to reap rewards.  Here’re 19 ways to do so.  Your doctor won’t tell you them and they don’t cost anything. So try them – you’ll lose nothing and gain plenty! Read More

Why Massage Is Far More Rewarding Than Artificial Sex

Most men who respond to massage ads still think and hope that they respond to ads for sex.  Unfortunately in 95% of cases it is so, which makes the work of a genuine masseuse harder. Many men think that artificial sex with strangers is more rewarding than well done massage because they don’t appreciate the importance and benefits of real massage. This may be due to social conditioning and the impact of the euphemism for unrelated activities that the word massage has unfortunately become. So here are the tremendous benefits and unassuming, understated, powerful intimacy of the beautiful art of massage.  Read More

Fancy a Massage? How Do You Know Which Massage to Pick?

When you fancy a relaxing massage, how do you know which massage to pick before you start researching massage ads?  Read More