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Why I Charge the Rates I Charge and Why They Are Excellent Value

Why I charge what I charge is a number of reasons that some people do not see.  And I’ll also tell you why my rates are of excellent value because there will always be men who don’t see the value. Of course, in a world where everything is so expensive and prices rise we all want the best for the least. That’s human nature. When someone objects to one’s rates, the lazy way – usually driven by fear of losing them – is to discount. Another reason is that most people don’t know their value and thus don’t know how to justify their value to an objecting person. I know both. Hence here’s why I charge what I charge and why my rates are of excellent value.

The landscape of rates

I’ve written long ago that I don’t believe that any woman’s hour is worth thousands of currency. There are men who pay thousands for women’s holes in city centres, but these men are few. Some pay the crazy money to make themselves feel better by proving their solvency. They have their reasons. Other men pay the amounts because the more they pay, the more they punish themselves. Those who need to be punished create punishing circumstances. And many men pay those sums because they think that the more they pay, the better they’ll get.  But every realist knows that this isn’t always the case in any field.

Astronomical figures are a marketing tool. The founding principle is that the higher the fees, the higher the seller’s image. Sellers can then advertise themselves as elite, exclusive, high class, and with similar superlatives. That is supposed to attract men of the same social status who will pay the astronomical fees. Money comes to money, success attracts success… Have you seen Rolls Royce sell its products for reasonable rates? Exactly the point!  Are Rolls Royce products worth their cost? A different point – nothing is worth what it costs, but what people will pay. 

I resolved to charge rates that are reasonable and affordable from day one on the companionship scene. There’s no point in charging rates that one in a thousand will afford. Reasonable and memorable is better than unreasonable and not necessarily memorable. I never wanted to appeal to the masses. But I wanted to make my rates accessible to professionals, business owners, and executives who have enough financial commitments, yet need a friend like every human being.

Why I charge the rates I charge

Because I take a health and safety risk every time I agree to get closer to the man with whom I spend time. A risk to health is the highest risk any person can take. Money, things, careers, and even people are replaceable.  Health is not. We have only one health. And we live with it 24/7 all our lives. Health is the most important thing in life and its foundation. If we don’t have health, we don’t have lives. Life is possible in good health. So if I risk my health, I risk the highest resource in life. This risk is what my rates reflect. What amount of money is worth you to risk your health for a cause, hobby, career, anything?

Another reason is that I charge for time, not for what happens during it. I sell experiences, not acts that other women sell as servicesTime is money in every culture, profession, activity. And while the value of products and services goes down as more enter the market, the value of time will always go up. And all the more so in the world of uncertainty. Uncertainty makes us prioritize. Prioritizing makes us realize how precious time is.  

And here’s the most valuable asset…

Women who ironically sell intimacy treat men in ways exactly opposite of intimate. When men come to be intimate with them, the women forbid men to even touch them!  Every man who has gone through this has stories to tell. Intimacy is best when a man and a woman connect. They don’t have to love each other, but they have to connect. Yet women who ironically sell intimacy do nothing to connect with their clients

I build connection with men from the articles on this website. And through the wording in my ads when I invite men to visit my website and start a conversation.  And through having every detail carefully thought through. Conversations connect. I build connection when men call me to enquire. I talk to strangers and make many to years- or lifelong friends. I’m interested in people. That has value for you. Because the stronger the connection between you and me, the better the quality of our time together. After all, you found my ad or this article because you went online to find a soul to connect with. If you didn’t crave connecting with a human being, you wouldn’t find my ad, site, or this article. 

If one is in it for the money…

The fact that I write about money may seem contradictory to some readers if I say in the same sentence that I am never motivated by money.  And I repeat this fact on this page of my site. Intelligence is the ability to hold two [seemingly] paradoxical ideas at the same time and function normally.  I’ve also said long ago that money is a boundary. Boundaries are vital for the success of any relationship. Like fences make good neighbours, so the money that I charge makes a clear boundary in our relationship. 

Dealing with money is also managing the human nature.  The lazy and cowardly way to address someone’s objection to rates is to discount because one fears losing the interest of the objecting person.  But discounts are psychology.  Even when people discount, they still make a profit.  If they didn’t, they wouldn’t discount. Another subtle but powerful message is that if they can afford to sell at a discount, they must be ripping us off all the time while they sell at full price! Otherwise why put the price up if they still make a profit at a discount?

Products are commodities.  Time is not.  I’m not, you are not, nor are our experiences.  Commodities are replaceable.  Your experience with me is not, because neither you nor I nor the connection between us nor the experience we create can be replaced.  Plus I can’t afford to rip people off.  I don’t have high enough turnover and low enough morale to do that.  Hence I never discount.  Discounting = devaluing.  Why would I devalue time which will only go up in value? Would you?

Speaking of rates, charge, value, and valuing…

How come that one woman who also claims to sell time charges 2000 per hour while another woman charges 200 per hour? Why does every woman charge a different rate for the same hour? Because every person values their worth differently.  You’ll certainly know people who don’t put their worth in the spotlight.  And you’ll know people who know their worth well.  The hour is the same, the person’s view of their worth is different.  When I started on the companionship scene I had lower worth than I do after 23 years of experience.  But although my worth jumped immensely over the 23 years, the conditioning of the market will never allow me to jump from 200 to 2000 per hour.  I have to be realistic. 

And at the same time, be it a testimony to the fact that I am not motivated by money, I still charge what was the going rate on the fine end of the market in 2012! My value increased, but the price for it did not.  The cost of living increased, but the rates I charge did not. So isn’t this the first answer to the question:

And why are the rates I charge of excellent value?

Because while women who sell their holes [hole = air] charge far higher rates than I do, I sell several things at once. In a holistic package. I give you the choice to pick which ones you want to experience.  Like Apple covers all meeds of technology – computers, phones, cases, accessories, software, I cover all needs of a man – health, wellbeing, happiness. All that leads to pleasure. And pleasure has value.

Look at the articles I write for you every 3 months!  If you read any of them, you’ll instantly get value for life!  Free of charge and here for your reference anytime!  I don’t charge for reading them, nor for the time it takes me to write them. If men don’t take advantage of the additional value that I generate for them, it’s their choice outside my control.  But women who sell their holes [hole = air] and charge far more than I do will never enrich your life the same way as knowing me will. 

My rates are excellent value also because I don’t charge for traveling time, only for traveling costs.  So if I have to travel 5 hours to you and 5 hours from you, you only pay for the time with me, not for the 10 hours of my traveling.  Many women who sell air also charge for traveling time and justify doing so by the fact that while they travel they can’t earn. This argument applies to me too. But I choose to swallow the traveling time to make the rates more reasonable for you!

And the icing on this cake is coaching men – experiences that change lives!

If you read what I wrote about coaching, you’ll know the meaning of the holistic package that I offer. Apple for technology – I for men. The rates that I charge for coaching are the same as the rates for my time, because time is time no matter what happens. But I don’t widely advertise the fact that I email highlights from every session to the coached men. I do so free of charge on unpaid time so that men can refer to the highlights forever after the session. To remind themselves of the discussed points and inquiries that will shift them forward if they ponder. This fact makes my rates for coaching even lower. I’m always meticulously prepared and preparation takes time which no one pays me for. That immensely enhances the monetary and intrinsic value of the coaching process.

Lifelong friends as well as acquaintances who don’t yet know me well have told me that I undervalue myself considering who I am, my experience, wisdom, consideration, integrity, generosity, and the value of all that I offer. But c’est la vie.  I did say that I prefer valuable AND memorable…. so I practise what I preach. 

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