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The principal client of this industry is a man who has problems / blocks / conflicts in various aspects of life and seeks [often illegal and/or dubious] services covered under this industry’s umbrella to distract himself from a deep void inside him. Many men are painfully aware of their problems / blocks / conflicts, but don’t know how to address them. The even worse case is when men don’t know what they want in and from life and inadvertently keep these undeserving service providers in business as a matter of habit, but without a reason they can clearly define. After the millionth failed attempt to find a soulmate they look at yet another website in all the exciting hope and anticipation of getting the experience of their dreams and at good value for money… until they face the bitterly disappointing reality yet again – by which time they’re lighter of cash, time, NRG and…

…the vicious circle goes on.  Most of these men are poor communicators – hence their blocks / conflicts / problems, and even the better communicators can hardly talk about these things to their often dearly loved partners (or friends if single) and thus find themselves isolated with their problems / blocks / conflicts which only aggravates and draws them to seek distractions. While there’s absolutely no social stigma about taking up coaching, there would be tremendous stigma – if not fear and embarrassment – about a man confessing to his coach that he has been visiting adult service providers!

The best of both worlds?   Kay-Lauren offers the experience from her privileged role as a personal development professional to help these men realize that the vicious circle can be broken – with lasting happier effects for future. Here she is bringing light into those voids inside those voided men and without stigma!  Her personal coaching specialisation is in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming [NLP] which makes the coaching process even more powerful and effective, because NLP offers the tools to uncover patterns of physiology, language, thinking, and emotions that a coach without NLP training would not see and feed back on in the best service to the coached person.

All the above and more is within the value of coaching – if you have the courage to go on this journey.  Courage you will need, because you may find things that may make you cry, angry, frustrated [that, perhaps, you wasted so many years of life before you learned x, y, z], and open many a can of worms…   Additional value, which cannot be measured by the money you pay for coaching, will be in how you’ll train yourself and your environment to support you on the journey of changes for the better.
What will an NLP coach give you that a traditional psychologist won’t?  An NLP coach will give you specific howtos instead of generic theories. Until the mid 1970s the field of psychology was prevalently preoccupied with why things happen. Today a traditional psychologist will still give you the why of things, plus generic cover-all (or at least cover-as-much-as-possible) recommendations and perhaps a few exercises to do at home.  Since NLP brought the science of how things happen into the field of psychology, an NLP coach will help you find the reasons why you keep stuck in the old ways AND help you give yourself strategies how to improve or change things.  NLP adds the how to your life, and that’s the greatest value you receive, because people often know all the theory of why it’d be good to stop doing something, but they don’t know how to stop them and start doing better things. And if one doesn’t know how to do something, he won’t do it.
Feel free to get some coaching and inspiration from my blog. And even more from all 3 categories of my blog.
Coaching will benefit you if…
  • you  phone around, talk to many adult service providers, yet never get anywhere
  • you click around the net, contact pretty women, start corresponding, and then quit correspondence for no obvious reason
  • you visit one adult service provider after another, yet feel emptiness every time
  • you realize you’re stuck in this pattern, yet don't know what to do about it
  • you find excitement in this vicious circle, yet feel exhausted, unhappy
  • you don’t know what you want – you just want someone here now… to get away from the grim reality…
  • you don’t know why you do all this, you just do it
  • you don’t care who it is, as long as it is…
  • you know that you're not good at making requests of people
  • you know that you're not good at talking to women
  • you don't know what you want from a woman, nor what you expect from an experience with a woman
How will coaching help you?


  • you can have coaching anywhere, by phone or Skype
  • you can have coaching anytime during the day, night, across the time zones
  • you will save time, money, and NRG by not having to travel to me
  • you can have coaching in the comfort of wherever you wish to be
  • if you have coaching by phone or Skype, you won’t have the visual distractions of me. This way you can express even the most sensitive of thoughts without the feeling of immediate predicament caused by my physical presence
  • without visual distractions you can more clearly visualize your thoughts and the concepts we go through in the session, which will enable you to remember and extract the learning from them
  • what physical environments are you creating for yourself and others that contribute to your frustrated state, bad habits, and lack of joy in life without you being aware of thisconnection?
  • how can you help yourself by making sometimes very simple changes to your physical environment?
  • how does time and your perception of it influence what’s going on in your life at present and what will be going on in your life in future?
  • how does your past hold control of your presence – and future?
  • during coaching you’ll discover what you do that [positively and negatively] influences you most and finally be at choice to make desirable changes
  • you’ll discover the benefits of your negative behaviors. If there weren’t any benefits to them, you wouldn’t be doing them. Something that keeps them in place no matter how much you may hate yourself for doing them!
  • as you learn the value of your positive and negative behaviors, you’ll understand how you can keep reinforcing the positive [=do more of what works for you] in future and replace the benefits of the negative behaviors with ones that give you healthier / happier long-term prospects
  • capability = skill. A skill is a behavior that you’ve repeated so many times in your life that it has become automatic and you may not be aware of doing it. For example, managing money well is as much a skill as is constantly being in debt.
  • uncovering capabilities answers the question 'how?'. How do you keep yourself in patterns of behaviors that keep you unhealthy, joyless, frustrated, unhappy?
  • how can you help yourself by being more aware of the language you use to communicate with others AND YOURSELF?
  • what you believe, you will achieve. And what you believe directs what you do. So what do you believe? Why?
  • how do your current beliefs keep you stuck in the ways you’re in now?
  • how could you reevaluate and learn from your current beliefs?
  • how could you honor and learn from your past beliefs no longer valid now?
  • the realm of beliefs and values answers the question “why?”
  • what do you value in your life right now?
  • what are your top three values?
  • why do you value that?
  • identity is who you are. This realm answers the question “who?”
  • so who are you at this stage of your life?
  • who do you want to be?
  • who are the people you want to surround yourself with in future?
  • who are the people who drain your energy and whom you’d like to get rid of from your life?
  • who would you like to be in 40 years from now? How will you get there? Will you?
  • and who will you be if you do change for the better? Who will you become if and when you shed the bad habits you had for years and become a new person?
  • how will others perceive and respect you when you start going through changes?
  • will you have to undergo major changes in your environment, behaviors, capabilities, beliefs and values, and identity?
  • what will be the price for those changes?
  • how will your public image be impacted?
Coaching packages and cost

All coaching engagements cost the same as the rates indicated here and start with a one-time 2-hour intake session. You will only need one intake session even if you return after a long break.

STARTING PACKAGE:  16 weekly sessions of 30 minutes
....extendable to.....
LONG-TERM PACKAGE 1:  4 weekly sessions of 30 minutes
LONG-TERM PACKAGE 2: 2 sessions of 30 minutes per month
for 3, 6, 9, or 12 months
All fees will be accepted in advance in any of these currencies by cash or PayPal.
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