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Many mature professional affluent men with plenty of disposable income who are at the self-actualization stage of life seek help from psychologists with the stress and trauma endured over long high-pressure careers, personal trainers and dieticians to fend off the aging process and marks from the pressures of the careers, sports coaches to maximize satisfaction from recreation, and adult entertainers to get the long lost connection, spark, desire, and intimacy into life.  All these professionals cost money.

Psychologist – 120/hour
personal trainer – 70/hour
dietician – 100/hour
sports coach – 100/hour
adult “entertainer” – 2 or more hundred an hour.

All this and more is within the value of coaching for men

If you add all that up, the sum is far higher than what Kay-Lauren charges.  The kicker is that none of these professionals fix the real problems they are meant to address.  Psychologists offer generic advice and present no solutions. Personal trainers motivate, but do not correctly address a man’s lack of motivation.  Dieticians also offer generic advice [usually according to governmental guidelines], even when the diet is supposedly tailored to an individual. (An exception are dieticians who work to the direction of doctors treating diseases or conditions. But even so, a good dietitian knows that 90% of diseases and conditions are preventable by exactly good diet!)  High end sports coaches address technique, while lack of specific athletic achievement most often comes down to some deep mental block.  To make it worse, all these professionals work in silos, so there is no holistic approach to the man’s self-actualisation.

Many men also pay for adult “entertainers” [instead of coaching] because they have problems, blocks, or conflicts in their lives. They seek adult services to distract themselves from the problems and deep voids in them. Many men are painfully aware of their problems, but don’t know how to address them. Coaching would be the last thing on their minds. Many men don’t know what they want in and from life. They want to escape the reality and therefore keep undeserving adult “entertainers” [and their employers!] in business. After the millionth attempt to find pleasure they look at yet another website. They anticipate something wonderful at good value… and get bitter disappointment again. However, they’re lighter in cash, time, NRG and…

…the vicious circle goes on.

Most men communicate poorly, hence their problems, blocks, conflicts. And even the better communicators can certainly hardly talk about their problems to dearly loved family members or friends. Thus men often find themselves isolated with their problems which draws them to seek distractions. While there’s absolutely no social stigma about men having coaching, there might be tremendous stigma – perhaps also fear and embarrassment – about a man confessing to his coach that he visits adult “entertainers”!

Coaching for men – the best of both worlds?  

Kay-Lauren helps men break the vicious circle and use their time, money, and energy better. Paying bimbos with fake boobs for a quick fuck does not solve problems, nor raise the quality of life. KL helps men put all the pieces together in a single package held together with wisdom, love, and caring.  This package is holistic, far less expensive, and certainly more personal than all those services from different professionals. If a man opens himself to trusting in the process, the results will flow – at a fraction of the price without stigma!  KL’s coaching specialisation is in neurolinguistic programming. NLP makes coaching richer, more powerful, and effective. That is because NLP uncovers patterns of physiology, language, thinking, and emotions that a coach without NLP training will not point out.

A man will need courage for this journey, because coaching makes men cry, angry, frustrated, and opens many a can of worms…  Additional value will be in how you’ll train yourself and others to support you in making changes. And you will not be able to measure this value by the money you paid for coaching.

What will NLP coaching give men that traditional coaching won’t?

Specific solutions instead of generic theories. Both why things happen and how things happen. Hence an NLP coach will help you find out why you keep stuck in the old ways and create strategies to improve or change things.  NLP adds the how. And that’s the greatest value, because people often know why it’d be good to stop doing something, but they don’t know how to start doing better things. And if one doesn’t know how to do something, he won’t do it.
Moreover, KL’s coaching fee is even lower, because she also sends men highlights from coaching sessions to which they can refer forever. The highlights take background work [in unpaid time] of helping men get what they want in the shortest time. Preparation is a mark of every true professional. KL is always meticulously prepared for every session. And preparation takes time and diligence. That immensely enhances the monetary and intrinsic value of coaching.

Get additional coaching, value, and even more from this page.

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Coaching will benefit men who…
  • call around, talk to many adult service providers, but don't follow through
  • click around the net, start corresponding with women, and quit for no obvious reason
  • visit one adult service provider after another, but feel emptiness every time
  • realize you’re stuck in this pattern, but don't know what to do about it
  • find excitement in this vicious circle, but feel exhausted, unhappy, void
  • don’t know what you want – you just want to get away from the grim reality…
  • don’t know why you do this, you just do it
  • and don’t care who it is as long as it is…
  • know that you're not good at making requests of people
  • ...or not good at talking to women
  • ...or don't know what you want from a woman, nor what to expect from an experience with a woman
How does coaching help men?

On the level of environment:

  • you can have coaching anywhere by phone or online
  • anytime across the time zones
  • not having to travel to the coach will save you time, money, NRG
  • you can have coaching in the comfort of wherever you wish to be
  • if you have coaching by phone, you won’t have the visual distractions of the coach. You can then express even the most sensitive thoughts without feeling immediate predicament caused by the coach's physical presence
  • without visual distractions you can more clearly visualize your thoughts, strategies, and the discussed concepts. That will help you to extract and remember the learning from them.
  • what physical environments are you creating for yourself and others that contribute to your frustrated state, bad habits, and lack of joy in life?
  • how can you help yourself by making sometimes simple changes to your environment?
  • how does your perception of time influence what is and will be going on in your life?
  • and how does your past hold control of your present and future?


  • during coaching you’ll discover what you do that positively and negatively influences you most. And you can make changes.
  • you’ll discover the benefits of your negative behaviors. If there weren’t benefits, you wouldn’t do them.
  • as you learn the value of your positive and negative behaviors, you’ll understand how you can keep doing more of what works and replace the benefits of the negative behaviors with what will work in the long term.


  • capability = skill. A skill is a behavior that you’ve repeated so many times that it has become automatic and you may not be aware of doing it. For example, managing money well and always being in debt are skills.
  • uncovering capabilities answers the question how?. How do you keep doing things that keep you unhealthy, joyless, frustrated, unhappy?
  • how can you communicate with yourself and others better through language?

...beliefs and values

  • what you believe you will achieve. And what you believe directs what you do. So what do you believe? Why?
  • how do your beliefs keep you stuck?
  • how could you reevaluate and learn from your beliefs?
  • and how could you honour and learn from past beliefs?
  • why do you do what and how you do?
  • what do you value?
  • what are your top three values?
  • why do you value that?


  • identity is who you are.
  • so who are you at this stage of life?
  • who do you (not) want to be?
  • who do you want to surround yourself by?
  • and who drains your energy? Whom would you like to get rid of from your life?
  • who would you like to be in 40 years? How will you get there? Will you?
  • and who will you become if you shed the bad habits you had for years and become a new person?
…and how does everything fit into the grand scheme of life?
  • how will others see and respect you when you start making changes?
  • will you have to make major changes in your environment, behaviour, capabilities, beliefs, values, and identity?
  • what will be the price of those changes?
  • how will all that impact your public image?
Coaching packages and cost

All coaching engagements cost the same as the rates listed here and start with a one-time 2-hour intake session.

STARTING PACKAGE:  16 weekly sessions of 30 minutes
....extendable to.....
LONG-TERM PACKAGE 1:  4 weekly sessions of 30 minutes
LONG-TERM PACKAGE 2: 2 sessions of 30 minutes per month
for 3, 6, 9, or 12 months
Kay-Lauren will accept all fees in advance in any of the listed currencies by cash, PayPal, or bank transfer.
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