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Before You Hire a Companion for International Travel…

Getting a companion for international travel needs consideration. It is marvellous for your pleasure and convenience, but…. You should definitely consider these things before you hire a companion for international travel to or with you:

So consider these factors:

  • It is possible to calculate travel expenses exactly. But when things go wrong en route, your companion could incur higher costs of transport. While she travels to and from you, you are responsible for paying her costs of transport. Yes, while she travels from you too, because if you didn’t call her to you, she wouldn’t travel back from you! This is why you pay her round trip travel expenses.
  • Did you hire the companion for a certain hour in your packed schedule? A lot can go wrong during intercity, interstate, or international travel. It takes only one means of transport to have a delay by a few minutes and the whole chain of events can suffer. And what if something goes seriously wrong? What if there is a power cut to parts of a country involved in the journey? 
  • What’s your plan B for the worst case scenario? Will you shorten your time with the companion? Or will you pay her for her time which you didn’t enjoy with her, but for which she traveled to you? Or will you make yourself late for the next event on your schedule?
  • Time is also a factor. You’ll be unrealistic if you think that you can hire a companion for international travel to or with you at a short notice. Bear in mind that she needs to organize her schedule, transport, and pack. Every action takes time. What if the flight nearest to your chosen meeting time isn’t available? Account for that. Plan forward. I require at least 168 hours’ [7 days’] notice for national and international travel.
  • Last minute tickets can be the most expensive! Pricing of tickets is a science which I will never master. And nor will you, unless you work in it!

To be realistic…

Of course, I’ve presented the worst-case scenarios to clearly put the point across. Power cuts to parts of countries on your companion’s journey are not common. But saying that, the infrastructure in various countries varies too. Is that another factor to take into account which could add to the complications of hiring a companion for international travel?

And how do you know if you will get along with the companion?

This is the first and absolutely most important factor to consider. That is why I always advise every man of this world to 1. know crystal clearly who and what he wants 2. do thorough research on the woman who catches his interest, and 3. correspond with her for as long as it takes him to form a solid judgement about whether he will get on with her before he hires her for intercity, national, or international travel.

Or is getting a companion for international travel worth bothering with?

Hence is hiring a companion for international travel really worth the trouble if it could involve so many unpredictable factors? Or are these unpredictable factors exactly why most women out there only pretend to tour to make themselves look important and most men will happily opt for a downmarket nearby establishment? You, dear reader, will find the answers. Men who have always sought women who call themselves companions but are not will of course opt for the cheap local fix. 

But I wrote this article from the perspective of an operator in the market where people hire companions in the true sense of the word.  If we really want something, we’ll travel the world to get it. And our desire to get it will happily find a way to accommodate all the unpredictable factors that hiring a companion for international travel may involve. Is there anything to add?  Tell me what you think!


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