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Why Conversations With Your Companion or Masseuse Are Important

Conversations are at the centre of a man’s satisfaction on a date with a companion. They are also at the centre of satisfying regular massages. And they are intimacy. But how many men and women who allegedly buy and sell connection and intimacy have conversations? Why are conversations important for both parties?

Conversations connect

Men have companions, courtesans, and pay other women for other things because they want to connect with another human being.  Connection is abstract and intangible, so we can’t touch and handle it.  Since we humans deal better with tangible things, we crave to make connections tangible. The stronger the connection, the more pleasant its physicalization. The stronger a connection we feel to another human being, the better the quality of our friendship, collaboration, or relationship with them will be. If the relationship is intimate, the stronger the connection, the better and more passionate the intimacy will be.  Connection between people always reflects in the bedroom.

Conversations bring strangers to acquaintance

Once two strangers connect, conversations make them get to know each other. The two people find out what makes them tick.  What they like and dislike. And what they have in common and different. All this is important for a man who is choosing a companion for regular dates or a masseuse for regular massages. If the two people don’t converse, how can they connect? How can they know whether they would be compatible if they met?

Conversations make things clear

And thus we enter the realm of clarity. I wrote here what happens when men have unrealistic expectations of their companions, mistresses, courtesans, masseuses, or other women whom they (want to) see. Since every person is different and comes from a different background with a different model of the world, it is important to have conversations about what two people expect from each other.

It is important to clarify words, phrases, definitions, concepts, where, when, what, how, for how much, and with or without whom two people will and will not do. If you don’t have those things clear, misunderstandings will easily arise and your date or massage can end bitterly. There’s no need for it if you converse with the women whose time, massage, or whatever else you are to buy. And gentlemen, since you find the women whom you like, you’re responsible for starting the connections.

Conversations build trust

If this point seems obvious at a glance, why do so many women refuse to even speak to men who call them? Why do these women divert conversations to a collection of phrases by SMS? And even advertise that they communicate only by SMS? Why don’t men want to know more about the woman whose ads they call than the women’s location, availability, and rates? Isn’t it counterintuitive that people buy and sell connection, yet don’t want to connect? If you are a man who calls a woman’s ad and doesn’t converse with her, how can you trust her? After all, men get scammed by those women and their traffickers every day around the world. So if you don’t connect, get to know, and make things clear with the women you want to see, how can you know what you’re going into?

Besides, isn’t trust a foundation of good quality intimacy? Can you be intimate and truly relax with someone whom you don’t trust? You don’t have to love your intimate partner. But you have to trust her.  And if you don’t converse, you can’t trust. Simple as that.

…and they also certainly enrich

All the articles on this website arose exactly from conversations. Strangers, lifelong friends, and everyone in-between inspired me through the conversations that I had with them. I always thought that if one man sees a certain topic as valuable, so will many other men around the world. So I started sharing my experiences from these conversations. And periodically add snippets to articles where appropriate. I learnt an immense amount from conversations with men of many cultures, roles, professions, etc. Every person has a different story, hence different lessons to teach – and learn. Conversations are a gift.

…and also inspire

Many an idea turned into big business, likewise many a piece of art was created from inspiration from conversations. Gentlemen, it really pays to invest in conversations as you never know what a good conversation with the woman whose ad you called may inspire. You might come upon a fantastic plan for how to spend your time with the woman whom you by now hopefully know better, have clear boundaries with, feel that you can trust, and feel enriched by.

Conversation create intimacy

Men who have companions or mistresses have them because they want to connect with another human being. Conversations make intimacy before it gets physical. Think about it: once you get to know your partner, have clarity in affairs, feel safe to trust her, perhaps even feel enriched and inspired by her, intimacy is born.  And then you feel the desire to physicalize it.

A man should always leave a date with a companion inspired just like a man should always leave a massage rejuvenated. So if conversations with the women with whom you want to relax and have a good time aren’t your habit, try them from the next call. Men who have conversations with me appreciate their benefit. And so can you!

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