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Drinking – Sensible Guidance for Every Man

Drinking water will certainly make any man sexier and healthier than drinking caffeine, sugar, chemicals, and alcohol. But drinking water doesn’t come easily to many men. Why? Is there any wonder since there’s so much confusing information on this subject? I do not want my articles to contribute to the confusion. I draw knowledge from the first science of life which has given rise to all sciences and been with us for thousands of years. As I like the reliable, I give the reliable. So…

Why is drinking water such a big deal?  

Because there is so much confusing and quickly changing information out there! Drinking many cups of coffee a day and alcohol after dinner really isn’t the same as drinking water to hydrate the body. The consumeristic society sets people up to drink caffeine and chemicals for profit. People think that they will get energy from those drinks because those drinks are stimulants.

The second reason is that people have little time and thus gradually get used to suppressing biological needs.  Many folks therefore incorrectly interpret or stop noticing them.  And therefore many people often think that they’re hungry when they’re thirsty.  It would only take a glass of water or herbal tea and the “hunger” would vanish.  All this is easy to solve with drinking correctly.

Why do so many men not like drinking water?

I wrote all that in this article and therefore won’t repeat it here.

Western scientists and health experts, many of whom highly likely have a vested interest in promoting the drinks industry, maintain that one should drink x litres of water a day. Even the number of litres that one should allegedly drink seems to change with the trend! Ancient medical teachings have stated for thousands of years that one should drink when thirsty. Because if we are not thirsty and drink the liters a day that western scientists propose, we impair the digestive fire. When we impair the digestive fire, we impair digestion. When we don’t digest food well, toxins form. Toxins are the source of all disease. Thus strong digestive fire is the source of health.

But there are men who do not drink water even when they are thirsty!

That is dangerous. They may not register signs of dehydration because they do not realise that they don’t drink even one glass of water all days! Secondly because at first the body temperature will only mildly rise.  Thirdly because many people have learnt to suppress or ignore signs from the body! Gradually and proportionally to the loss of liquids in the body your energy and thus productivity will decline and fatigue will rise.  Unfortunately only fatigue.  Not feeling of dehydration.

Many people cure fatigue with strong coffee.  Caffeine drains the kidneys, stimulates urination, hence dehydrates even more! That is why drinking drinks that contain caffeine is bad. But if you really must drink coffee, put cardamom seeds into it. Then the coffee won’t have the debilitating effect. And remind yourself that coffee is also none other than a habit

A man used to drinking very little – if any – water often won’t realize that his problems are connected only to hydration.  Even 1% dehydration shows in observably lower productivity, energy, and contentment.  This will happen if the body lacks less than a liter of water.  Thirst will appear only after the level of dehydration oversteps 2%.  When you’re thirsty, drink water. Not caffeine or chemical drinks. And do not eat instead of drinking when you’re thirsty.

Not drinking enough water can cause:

  • fatigue, dry mouth, headache, dizziness
  • irritability, lethargy, sluggishness
  • observable decline in productivity / energy
  • higher blood pressure, cramps 
  • feeling morose, grumpy, weak, annoyed
  • slower reactions
  • difficulty with achieving an orgasm
  • little seminal fluid.

If you suffer from any of these states, train yourself to think that they could be connected to not drinking enough water.  And that if you drank more water, you’d have less/fewer or none of this/these state(s).  If a man drinks a cup of coffee in the morning, several signs of dehydration can appear already before lunch.  On hot summer days higher blood pressure + thirst can contribute to heart issues.  If a man feels irritable an hour after lunch, this may be due to the combination of low blood sugar and dehydration.  Grumpy moods or anger can suddenly be easy to explain from a different angle.

Long-term signs of dehydration are less observable.

If you’re used to drinking few liquids, know that low intake of water over the long term

  • slows down metabolism = impairs the digestive fire
  • can damage the kidneys and liver
  • causes kidney stones
  • worsens the skin, hair, nails
  • causes constipation
  • disrupts concentration because you can’t hold pictures in the imagination still. [And yes, most people with learning difficulties are dehydrated.]
  • alcohol, drugs, nicotine, caffeine, preservatives, E numbers, food colouring, and sugar also dehydrate and deplete the body of energy, vitamins, minerals, and libido! Coffee is not good to drink in the morning. The best time to drink it if you must is in the afternoon. 

And why should you not drink gallons of water either?

Because drinking too much water weakens the digestive fire. When the digestive fire is weak, it does not properly cook the food we eat. When food is not properly cooked, the uncooked particles deposit themselves in the arteries and intestines. And from them forms a thick viscous badly smelling yellow liquid called ama – toxins. Ama is the source of all disease in the body.

Plus, if you drink litres and litres of water just because everyone – and especially drinks companies – says so, you’ll also urinate more often. Your body won’t absorb all that water anyway, which is why it will pass it out as urine. Since the body won’t absorb all that water, you won’t be hydrated any more than you would be if you drank only when you’re thirsty. So what’s the point in drinking gallons when your body won’t absorb them and you’ll only urinate more often?

Plus another – and more serious – reason why you shouldn’t drink litres and litres of water either is that if you do so, it is easy to confuse hunger with thirst. When we confuse the body with eating when thirsty and especially drinking when hungry, we don’t treat the body right. That leads to disease. So never drink when hungry – again because you would weaken the digestive fire, and never eat when thirsty because you would dehydrate the system and the stomach would have more difficulty with cooking – digesting – the food.

How much should one drink?

I wrote that in this article and therefore won’t repeat it here.  The recommendation of drinking x liters of water a day will be vague for people who don’t have the patience with measuring and numbers.  So what I recommend in the other article is reliable and also measurable.  Of course, drink more water in high heat and during intense physical activity. And in low heat and during low physical activity you’ll want less water.  A small man will need a different amount from a man of 160kg.

Won’t have the opportunity to visit the bathroom for some time?

The correctly hydrated body eliminates water roughly an hour and a half after drinking it. If you’re planning an event during which you won’t want to run to the bathroom often, drink 1.5 to 2 hours before its beginning. And sip water during the event if the nature of the event allows you to do so.

So what will you choose for your next drinkAnd if you have any health issues, The Light Bringer is here to shed light on them.

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