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Why Men Shouldn’t Take Reviews of Companions and Women Online Seriously

Reviews used to be good – when people started posting them. And they still can be good – in some industries. But not in that of high end companionship. Hence why should men not waste time with reading reviews of elite companions? And definitely not post any of me?

Firstly because reviews of high end companions are never credible.

Men who hire high class companions don’t want to review them. This is because if they were to make the reviews authentic, they would have to sign them – with their names. Which high profile executive would do that?  High profilers who hire high end companions and courtesans do whatever they can to keep it quiet from the public and media.  Publishing a credible review online would fly in the face of this principle. The writer would have to publish the review with his name for the review to be credible. Who would do that?

Secondly because of anonymity 

In the world of high end companionship most men and women act under different names. This in itself makes the whole game inauthentic and not credible at all. If anyone can give themself any name and sign a review with it, then where’s the credibility of the review if absolutely anyone, or even a bot could be behind it?  High profile executives and entrepreneurs who lead companies have far more to lose if they do not maintain anonymity than any companion or woman in another role. Albeit many of these men welcome high risks, none will welcome the risk of losing a family and public face because of reviewing their dalliances with those women.

Thirdly because of the payment factor

Moreover, how do you, the reader of the review, know that someone didn’t write it for payment?  There are companies that employ people to write reviews of products and services which they know nothing about. There are people who ask friends and relatives to write reviews on their businesses, like and follow them on social media, and record video reviews. Anything to make their businesses look better online. They know well that hardly anyone will know that the reviews are from their friends or relatives….

Fourthly because reviews commoditize

While posting a review on a product (already a commodity) would be acceptable if all factors in the previous paragraphs were authentic, it’s impossible to commoditise experiences with a real high end companion because these experiences are formed by two unique individuals who are irreplaceable and impossible to copy. Every experience is personal to you. And since both of us are irreplaceable and impossible to copy, nobody else can create the experience that the two of us can. This is why your experience with a high end companion will never be a commodity. Nor will it ever be a service. Service is universal, far less (if at all) intimate, and far less personal than your experience with a high class companion.

Fifthly because of the human factor

Additionally to all these factors there is the factor of whether the writers of reviews are even human! As living gets more expensive, people get more creative at ways to save. So now there is software that generates reviews – bots such as GPT! If bots can write reviews on products, bots can write reviews on people. This technology will only get more sophisticated, thus you, the man who wants to find quality human connection online never know whether the reviews of women are not written by bots!

How do men find me without reviews if I do not allow them?

People often ask how I spread the word about the value I add to men if I don’t allow revives. I encourage men to do their research, visit my official site, read what I write, observe how I present myself and operate, learn who I am from the articles on this page, and let their intuition guide them whether I’ll be right for them.

And then – talk to me. Conversations bring people closer. And closeness is the most important factor of an experience with a high end companion. I’m limited in how much I can advertise my role as a companion due to its nature and the stigma that those who still don’t understand its true nature append to it. So the only way is to leave it to men themselves.  You, dear reader, should do exactly the same with every woman you’re ever to pay again. It makes sense in a world of false promises, con artistry, and misleading advertising.

And if you could use help with fine-tuning your intuition, let’s start a conversation.

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