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Find a Companion – Read the Ads

To find a companion can be as exhausting as dating, and perhaps even more so. This is because the prevailing attitude is that because a man pays, he expects to get the perfect person and experience on demand.  That’s how it should be. But the industry is full of the exact opposite. If the person and experience do not turn out to be perfect, isn’t that upsetting?  So how can a man who wants to find a companion shorten the costly process of trial and error? And how can he prevent getting it wrong in today’s world of false claims and scams?  

Buy a person like you buy everything else

When you want to buy a car, house, or something online, you won’t buy it without looking at the features.  You’ll know what features you want the item to have.  You’ll then research the item and certainly question the salesman accordingly.  So why not apply the same principle to find a companion?  A companion can cost just as much as cars or houses over time.  If you buy an item with features that are right for you, it makes sense to do the same to find a companion.  Isn’t the right person important, especially if you want to get intimate with her?

Acting on impulse can be dangerous

Men are risk takers. They can therefore make choices solely on instinctual impulse rather than on a combination of the head, heart, and gut feeling even in this age of scams, conartistry, and ripoff in every sphere of life – and in this one too! Exactly due to so much fraud reading the ad, features, and researching the advertiser therefore always makes sense.

But the vast majority of men doesn’t pay attention to what women say about themselves in directory listings and on their websites. This lack of attention can even be dangerous, because if a man doesn’t know who he sees, he can get into dangerous situations. After all, the woman might be an addict or trafficked, as most women who falsely advertise companionship are prostitutes. And she might not even know that her ad is on the listing where you saw it. Her pimp might have listed her without her knowledge. Do you want to finance human trafficking? Or do you want to be scammed, robbed, threatened, or blackmailed for money when you get to such woman’s premises?

Every man can find a companion instead of a disaster:

  1. NEVER assume from experience that every woman’s official website has empty promises.  A handful are very informative and written with the essence of this article at heart! The challenge is to find them.
  2. Always be present in the moment when you want to find a companion. When you see a directory listing you like, sharpen the senses and read the listing when you finish admiring the pictures. Then ask your intuition to tell you whether the advertiser feels trustworthy. Does your intuition feel good about the ad?
  3. Visit the advertiser’s official website. Ads are limited. They give the big picture. The official website will give you the whole picture and reinforce your intuitive feeling about the advertiser!
  4. A product cannot hurt you. You can return a product. A person can hurt you. You don’t know what people can do to you.

Find a companion and develop a meaningful relationship with her

The benefit = you’ll find exactly who and what you want, and what and why you don’t. And you’ll avoid scammers, fraudsters, and financing human trafficking. You’ll always stay safe and away from hassle, blackmail, and threats. And you’ll have guaranteed joyful times. I wrote this article to help you.  Practise on my website – and you can always let me know how you got on!

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