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Why I Charge the Rates I Charge and Why They Are Excellent Value

Why I charge what I charge is a frequent question. And I’ll also tell you why my rates are excellent value because there’ll always be men who don’t appreciate the value. Of course, in a world where everything is so expensive and prices rise we all want the best for the least. That’s human nature. When someone objects to one’s rates, the lazy way – usually driven by fear of losing them – is to discount. Another reason is that most people don’t know their value and thus don’t know how to justify their value to an objecting person. I know both. Hence here’s why I charge what I charge and why my rates are excellent value.

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Why I Don’t Send Pictures of Me Nor Allow Anyone to Copy Them

Many people from strangers to yearslong friends ask me whether I would send them pictures of me. I always say no. And here’s why. Read More

The Most Frequent Mistakes That Massage Therapists Make

What are the most frequent mistakes that massage therapists make? Why is it good for men who go for massages to know them? How will you be able to quickly spot whether the massage therapist is good or fake?

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How I Create the Pictures That You See on This Site

While most women who usually sell different things from what I do have pictures on their sites from one room in one outfit in several poses, I’m proud to have differentiated myself on this point from the start. But how much effort goes into the pictures that you see on my site?

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How Can Men Always Have Enough Time for Their Pleasures?

May 1, 2020  |  Men's Coaching Blog

Time, money, and energy are our most valuable resources. I have written how men can always have enough money for their pleasures. And now it makes sense to enrich the subject by writing about how men can always have enough time for their pleasures.

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Discretion: every man who sees companions, courtesans, or has a mistress wants it. Even men who go for genuine medical massages want discretion! And many women promise it. But how does discretion reflect itself in the little details that men and women play out in daily lives and communications? Are people really as discreet as they think they are? What innocent acts can easily betray discretion? You may well be surprised at what useful pearls you will pick up from this article.

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Things to Consider Before You Hire a Companion for International Travel

Getting a companion for international travel – what a concept! Marvellous for your pleasure and convenience, but…. You should definitely consider these things before you hire a companion for international travel to or with you: Read More


In this article I’ll tell you why so many people use the word mature outdatedly when they relate it purely to age. And why its outdated usage is conventionalized so deeply that nobody questions it when surfing the net for a companion. So if you’re now curious and want to be more mature about being mature, … Read More

Pros and Cons of Massage Tables

If you’re a seasoned recipient of massage, you may strongly prefer getting it on a massage table – or not. If you’re a man who stumbled across my blog and immersed himself in its pearls of wisdom, I’ll tell you the pros and cons of massage tables. And which option you’d get if you came for a massage to me. Read More

Independent Masseuse or Massage Clinics / Parlours – Which Is Better?

Gentlemen, why is it better to go to an independent masseuse than a massage clinic or parlour if you want a real quality massage? Read More

Why Men Shouldn’t Take Reviews Seriously and I Don’t Allow Them

Reviews used to be good – when they started being posted. And they still can be good – in some industries. But not in that of high end companionship. Why? Hence why should men not waste time with reading reviews of elite companions? Read More

How Can Men Always Have Enough Money for Their Pleasures?

August 1, 2018  |  Men's Coaching Blog

One of the most frequent objections I hear is that men don’t have the money to see their courtesans, mistresses, companions as often as they’d like – or can’t afford to see them at all.  But this is not an insurmountable problem. And here is how to surmount it.  Read More

Why Having a Companion or Mistress is Healthy for a Man

May 1, 2018  |  Men's Coaching Blog

It might sound a bit far fetched on first hearing. But it’s definitely true – and would make many a woman cringe. Having a companion or mistress is healthy for a man. Here’s why. Read More

High Class Isn’t High Class Anymore

…and hasn’t been for a long time. Where has high class gone? Why? How does a man looking for a courtesan tell who really is of high class? After all, everyone seems to claim to be… Read More

Why Aromatherapy Works

In conversations about aromatherapy I often hear the objection that people don’t trust it to cure their conditions more than they trust commercially prepared medications from pharmacies and health or drug stores. One conversation about the potency of essential oils with a longtime loyal recipient of my massages inspired me to share why aromatherapy works and always will work. So here it is: Read More

Did You See My Details in a Directory Listing?

Did you find a link to my site in a directory listing? Or better still, did you find my site on a search engine and not in a directory listing? Then I invite you to bear the following in mind: Read More

Aromatherapy for the Corporate Man

Corporate life has taken and will continue to take it out of many a man. Aromatherapy – the application of essential oils and their blends – is an easily available, ecological,  kinder to the body than synthetic drugs, immensely effective, and (considering that you need very small amounts) inexpensive solution to keeping a man healthy and productive in the corporate environment.  If this solution appeals to you, try the tips that resonate with you for the next few months.  You’ll certainly feel the difference and may even become an inspiration to your eternally pill swallowing colleagues!  Read More

Why the Commercial Side of a Relationship With a Companion Is Crucial

February 1, 2017  |  Men's Coaching Blog

Most men would like to spend their finer moments with intelligent, smart, sophisticated women with perfect bodies, flawless skin, immaculate presentation, and no faults, but they wince at the prospect of paying for the privilege.  They argue that they’re not interested in the commercial side of the relationship or that the commercial side inhibits them in some way.  Well, most men don’t know what they want until someone who knows shows them.  This article will show you why the commercial side of your relationship with a companion, courtesan, or mistress is crucial.  Read More

Cultural Differences in Men’s Understanding of Companionship

Different folks, different strokes. Those of you who travel a lot or live abroad know this adage well. It applies to every aspect of life. And high end companionship is no exception. How do men from different cultures understand the concept of high end companionship? And how do cultural differences reflect in men’s understanding of high end companionship? Read More

Would You Sleep Without Me?

Would you sleep without me? Sleeping with me would keep you awake! And keeping awake is what people in today’s at least western society certainly do way too much of – to the cost of their health, productivity, and quality of life. Do you sleep enough? Or do you cast this beautiful gift down the priorities list?

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The Dangers of Unrealistic Expectations

November 1, 2015  |  Men's Coaching Blog

One of the prevalent reasons why I send nine out of ten men who approach me elsewhere is that I quickly discover that our union would highly likely end in a disaster because of their unrealistic expectations. Here I list the most common unrealistic expectations that I’ve come across. I do it so that if you have them you can work them out before hiring your next companion or “escort”. [Yes, in today’s world there certainly is a difference in the meaning of these two words]. Read More

When Not to Have Massage

Although massage is generally enormously beneficial and certainly a great pleasure when done well, there are occasions when you should not have it. What are those occasions? Read More

A Tip for Guys Who Exercise

If you regularly exercise – especially in busy gyms – in 3 sets of 12, 15, or 20 exercises, you’ll be familiar with your brain going off course while your body is going through the motions of the sequence. Somewhere you suddenly realize that you’ve lost count and are in a quandary about whether you’re on the 2nd or 3rd set! How can you prevent this? How can you concentrate solidly? Read More

Why Choosing Words Carefully Will Earn You Respect

August 1, 2014  |  Men's Coaching Blog

Have you ever noticed that some people have your immediate respect while others do not? And have you observed that some people have great ideas but nothing happens with them? Do you know people who say they will do something but never do it? Do you say that you’ll do something while you’ve no intention of doing it? Or do you often say that you’ll do things out of politeness, but know that you never will do them? Read More

Why 1 February Is a Better Time to Start Enacting New Year’s Resolutions

February 1, 2014  |  Men's Coaching Blog

Be inspired by reading on if you live in the northern hemisphere. I say this, because in the southern one, while enjoying the height of summer, people have no reason to even dream of issues that this article discusses! This article also won’t interest you if you’re so motivated to achieve your new year’s resolutions that nothing will distract you on the way. But if you’re of those people whose motivation has plenty of room for strengthening, read on too. Read More

Tried or Trying to Break A Habit?

November 1, 2013  |  Men's Coaching Blog

Change of behaviour is not merely a matter of knowledge or skill. If that were true, then all the information campaigns on how to improve your health would have made behavior-related illnesses a thing of the past. We would all be slim and rich and birth control information would prevent teen pregnancies. Sadly, many people fail to create lasting changes in their behaviours and will repeat their failures over and over again… Read More

Are Your Romantic Relationships Not Working Out?

August 1, 2013  |  Men's Coaching Blog

Valentine’s Day was established by papal decree in 496AD as a day to celebrate our relationships with those we love most deeply. At that time it wasn’t connected with romantic love. In the high Middle Ages during the time of development of courtly love as a tradition Geoffrey Chaucer changed that. Since that time we see Valentine’s Day as a shorthand for what an intimate relationship or marriage should look like. Starry-eyed, blissful, sweet, easy, sexual, and everloving might describe our expectations of intimate relationships. But like most things in life, when we truly take a look, we see much more complexity…

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Don’t Feed High End Companions’ Greed!

Why do high end companions have a reputation for being greedy? And how do their clients feed the greed? Read More

How Can You Be More Creative at Giving?

How are we redefining giving in our prosperous world? What’s making us rethink our forms of giving when we’re having it so good in life? Read More

Does It Pay to Be Honest With and About Money?

Does it pay to be honest with and about money? If it does pay, does it pay more than it would not to be honest with and about money? If you choose to be honest, are you being stupid? Silly? If you told your friends about your honest reaction in a situation where money was concerned, would they judge you as crazy? Or would they applaud you? How would you react in situations which give you the option to be or not to be honest with money? What would you do in a situation like the one described here? Read More


Albeit many people have told me that they wouldn’t live in the States even if one paid them, I’ve never heard anyone say anything bad about Canada – yet. So why is Canada enjoying such a lovable status? Why will the Canadian passport have higher value than even the British one in 10 – 15 years if not sooner? Read More

Why Many Men Don’t Fully Get Into Moments of Intimacy

May 1, 2012  |  Men's Coaching Blog

Have you ever wondered why you seem to have no success in connecting with women intimately? Why your moments of intimacy are empty of the connection they’re supposed to physicalize? Or why you’re often in your moments of intimacy in the body, but not in the mind? Read More

How I Helped Toronto Police Catch a Criminal

Crime leaves no industry unaffected, but if one's attuned to the environment, it can be detected and stopped.

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A Tale of Two Cities: Toronto – London UK

What are the differences in living in Toronto and London UK? How does a high end companion who has bases in Toronto and London UK compare life in them?  If you’re travel curious, here’s her limited account.  And I promise you that the reading will be much lighter than Dickens! Read More

Aromatherapy for Animal Owners

Here’re 4 tips on how animal owners can successfully use aromatherapy to ward off everyday unpleasant aftermaths of the animal world. Read More

Shall We Have a Drink?

Are men great at or really terrible at drinking?  Read More

How Should Men Be Drinking Water for Higher Sexappeal?

In my previous article I described the signs and dangers of dehydration and outlined how drinking water is immensely important for men’s health, wellbeing, and productivity. But the resounding question of many men is how to drink water correctly. Here are some answers. Read More

4 Much Less Obvious Benefits of Massage

The obvious benefits of the beautiful art and science of massage are all over the internet. The 4 not obvious benefits of massage are: Read More

How Can Men Use Aromatherapy at Home?

Are you also one of many men who live on their own? These few ways how men who live on their own can use aromatherapy at home will certainly make your life healthier and more pleasant:

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August 1, 2009  |  Men's Coaching Blog

How are you voting with your energy?  What do you want in your life?  Also, what are your highest values?  Is having the right people around you important to you?  Hence how often do you do what it takes to cultivate having the right people around you?  Is connection a high value of yours?  How often do you therefore choose to connect with others? Read More


May 1, 2009  |  Men's Coaching Blog

With each coin of money you spend you’re voting. Spending money is as much a political act as, or even more so than, casting your vote on an election day. Every time you buy a product or service you’re helping an individual or a corporation to stay in business. Your vote says that you want the product or service to exist in the world. So what implications does this have on your choice of spending your money on companions and other entertainment? Read More


February 1, 2009  |  Men's Coaching Blog

Every minute of your time on this planet you‘re making choices. Think of the options of saying yes or no to (s)exercise. By saying yes to one activity you’re saying no to a million others. Yet many men are making choices with their time that prove wasteful, but unfortunately these men don’t see that it is the wastefulness that often frustrates them. How can these men start using their time more wisely? Read More

Why Men Should Give More in Moments With a Companion

November 1, 2008  |  Men's Coaching Blog

Why do some men wonder why their companions whom they pay large sums of money to give them the times of their lives don’t deliver? I invite you, especially if you are one of these men, to discover the answers. Read More

3 Critical Mistakes That Men Make When Selecting a Companion

Why do many men’s impulse choices of companion or adult entertainer bite them in the neck?  Here’s a succinct account of the most frequent critical mistakes that men can avoid when selecting a companion.  Read More

Male, Successful, Intimately Frustrated?

May 1, 2008  |  Men's Coaching Blog
Being intimately frustrated is certainly not an accident. It happens because some things you’re doing and not doing lead to it. You may think that the reason why you are intimately frustrated is rather straightforward. In most cases it is not. Intimate frustration accumulates due to a combination of factors. And you can certainly influence a lot of them.  So how do you get integrated, at one with yourself, all of a piece, your body and mind in agreement? How can you get congruent so that you start attracting intimate fulfilment? Here’re some handy tips:

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Feeling Tension in the Shoulders, Neck, Upper Back?

If you sit in cars or at desks for long periods of time, this quick simple neck and shoulders self-massage will relieve the creeping tension and tight painful muscles of the neck and shoulders. And the relief will certainly heighten your productivity. Hence learn it here! Read More

Find a Companion, Not a Disaster. It’s Easy.

To find a companion can be as exhausting as dating, and perhaps even more so. This is because the prevailing attitude is that because you’re paying, you expect to get the perfect person and experience and the person whom you pay will be perfect on demand.  If the person and experience do not turn out to be perfect, isn’t that upsetting?  So how can you, the searching man, shorten the costly process of trial and error? And how can you learn to prevent getting it wrong more times than getting it right?    Read More

19 Things All Men Can Do for Free to Improve Intimate Life

If men need to improve their intimate life, it’s clear feedback reflecting something they’ve been doing to this moment. The quality of intimacy won’t improve unless you take action to improve it. Placing the responsibility of improving it on others won’t get you anywhere either. So no excuse – you have to work to reap rewards. Here’re 19 ways to do so. Your doctor won’t tell you them and they don’t cost anything. So try them – you’ll lose nothing and gain plenty! Read More

Why Massage Is Far More Rewarding Than Artificial Sex

Most men who respond to massage ads still think and hope that they respond to ads for sex. Unfortunately in 95% of cases it is so, which makes the work of a genuine masseuse harder. Many men think that artificial sex with strangers is more rewarding than well done massage because they don’t appreciate the importance and benefits of real massage. This may be due to social conditioning and the impact of the euphemism for unrelated activities that the word massage has unfortunately become. So here are the tremendous benefits and unassuming, understated, powerful intimacy of the beautiful art of massage. Read More

Fancy a Massage? How Do You Know Which Massage to Pick?

When you fancy a relaxing massage, how do you know which massage to pick before you start researching massage ads? Read More