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How Can Men Improve the Quality of Their Intimate Life?

If men need to improve their intimate life, it’s clear feedback that reflects something they’ve been doing to this moment.  The quality of a man’s intimate life won’t improve unless he does something to improve it.  Placing the responsibility of improving it on others won’t get any man anywhere either. So no excuse – one has to work to reap rewards.  Here’re 19 ways to do so.  Your doctor won’t tell you them and they don’t cost anything. So try them – you’ll lose nothing and gain plenty!

1. Eat healthily, properly, sufficiently

Āyurveda – the science of life – has been the first science to teach civilisations for more than 5,000 years that all disease and malaise of the world comes from impaired digestive fire. If you eat healthy, not processed, correctly combined food appropriate for your dosha in appropriate quantities no more than 3 times a day, twice in old age, you’ll enjoy long life of high quality. You can then easily travel, enjoy any activity, make, and spread love. And when the stomach is full, you will feel happy. But…

2. Clean your heart and soul 

of grudges, lies, suppressed feelings. Say what you mean, mean what you say. Be honest. Speak what you feel even if it is ugly or politically incorrect. Let go of worrying that you will offend. You won’t in most cases. In fact people will appreciate, admire, trust, and respect you for the honesty. W when you offend, the fact that you offended is not yours to deal with. It is the deal of the person who offended himself. He understood you differently and was afraid or reticent from clarifying his understanding. That’s his deal, you cannot and should not want to control it. Look after what you can control and control it to the benefit of your clean heart and soul. A clean spirit [=heart+soul] = a healthy you = a healthy libido which reflects itself in the quality of intimacy.

3. Low libido, feeling miserably or depressed?

See point 1. And then… where are you looking?  If you’re looking down which is where your feelings are, raise your eyes to the sky. Things will be looking up, so you will lose many negative emotions, and may even start to laugh! Hence it’s the cheapest and healthiest antidepressant and certainly worth a try. The long-term way not to get depressed is eating healthily, regularly exercising appropriately for your dosha,  and sleeping enough at regular times correct for your dosha. 

4. If you are annoyed, upset, triggered by a bad experience,

ask ‘what can I learn from it’? You will certainly find something positive. If you really learn it, you may not have to experience the same or similar bad event again. You will restart the learning instead.

5. Grounding – another way for men to improve intimate life

The base of the spine and the buttocks are particularly common places to hurt when we are not grounded. You are also not grounded if you have a thousand things going through the head at once. Stand or sit upright. Send the pain or thoughts through (the chair and) your feet into the ground and earth. If you can let go of it like this, it isn’t serious. Take a deep breath, hold it for a second, exhale, hold it for a second. Your head will feel clear. Regular massage is also magical in the long term!

6. If you believe that you can do something

or likewise if you believe that you can’t, you will be right either way. What you believe you will achieve! So choose carefully. 

7. Do you often get headaches?

See point 1. They start there. Then ask the headache what it is trying to tell you. The message is often very simple: hunger,  water, fresh air, less panic, less focus, move around. Hence think how you can help yourself and notice what happens to the headache. Regular head massage will help you prevent more headaches.

8. Use your imagination 

for all the great things you will do this week, month, season, year. Get clear pictures, sounds, and feelings together to really focus you on success. Men do this exceptionally well in the context of sex. 

9. Surround yourself by people

who inspire you, whom you respect, trust, have fun with. End all toxic relationships as soon as you can, because ending them will be good for health. Free yourself from grudges – don’t bear them forward. Because grudges are toxic to the body and toxins create disease. And yes, I can help you do so if you don’t know how.

10. Men who open their minds improve intimate life by far 

Minds are like parachutes – they function only when they are open. And the fear of something is far worse than the thing itself. But be clear about what the phrase open mind means. Many people claim that they have open minds, but when you suggest something very different from that which is in the spheres of their worlds, they will dismiss it, Are such minds open? 

11. How loud is your inner critic?

You can spend so long beating yourself up after making a mistake and feeling terribly about it that you don’t have the energy to step back, learn from it, move on. However bad the situation, there is always learning which you can draw from it. Especially if you are a man of the pitta dosha, you know the inner critic intimately… Turn the critic into a wise advisor. Again, some good coaching is ideal for showing you how. 

12. If an event distresses you,

clear the energy from the memory. It really works. Regularly clearing your energy will change your life. You can clear your energy anywhere at any time. If you don’t know how to clear the energy, I’ll gladly show you

13. Men who notice success improve their intimate life

So notice successes instead of dismissing or downplaying them. Start noticing what works, congratulate yourself, celebrate it, and see how you can do more.  All that will attract more success.

14. Successful Olympians

don’t think about the goals, but about the process they need to follow to achieve the goals. For some of the most successful ones the medal comes as almost a surprise. This may also have an impact on traditional goal setting! Even for men who don’t like setting goals.  Those men will definitely be interested only in the process of getting to success.

15. Have you missed the sunshine for a long time

and not had the usual fill of energy? You may well be right, but everyone can make the most of whatever sunshine there is. Don’t damage your skin. A solar panel keeps going all year. You can think of yourself as a mobile solar panel.  You can use your imagination to see a golden ball of energy drifting to the top of your head and feel it filling you with lovely warmth.

16. Men who smile automatically improve intimate life

A smile is irresistible! The natural reaction to a smile results in movement of positive energy that replaces the negative pockets holding souls captive. Plus men who live with a smile improve their intimate life by half just by smiling. They are a delight to be around.

17. When you are ill,

notice what you tell yourself. If you tell yourself how bad it is, it will stay bad. Likewise, if you imagine what it will be like when you are healthy and grateful for the small improvements you notice, you will certainly get what you imagine.

18. If you can’t sleep,

get up, put the feet firmly on the ground, ground yourself, drink a glass of warm water, return to bed, and RELAX. Concentrate on relaxing every part of your body and mind. Just let it sink into the bed…

19. See what happens

if you suspend negative judgement of something. It is just an event, therefore you don’t have to judge whether it is good or bad. It is simply something that is happening.

20. Where do you draw energy from?

Here are 4 environments for different energies: forest, sea, mountain, and desert. Which one energizes you? Is there also one that drains your energy? Which ones resonate with you?  There are also subenergies, e.g.  the river, the lake, the waterfall to the sea.

The forest is full of life. Trees are some of the greatest spiritual living energies on the planet. The forest is safe and encompassing. It is a shelter, food, and nutrition. The forest breathes as we breathe. It is a connected and also fragile place. Trees are very grounded deeply into the soil to offer great stability.

The sea is constant flow. Movement and stillness, yin and yang, turmoil and peace. The sea has an ambience. On the surface it looks like nothing is happening.  Beneath the surface there is teeming life.

The mountains represent strength. They are very old. They have endured much of what has happened on this planet. The tops of mountains are places of great wind, vision, and inspiration.  You can see from them for miles and people meditate on tops of mountains for long periods of time.

The desert is empty, yet full of life. The desert is space, it is clear. It certainly has life, but you have to search for it. You can survive because the resources are everywhere. The desert is clear air.

Place yourself in your favourite energy and give yourself the time to absorb everything that the energy delivers to you. Climb a mountain, walk in a forest, swim in a sea, or walk in a desert (at least in your mind). You will receive the advice or resources you need. They might even lead you to me!

All men can improve their intimate life

Some men can do it alone, others with a little help of someone with more different perspectives.  That’s how I add value to men’s lives. And that’s how I can add value to yours. And that’s how you will consequently add value to people in your life. So would you like me to help you?

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