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Neck and Shoulder Self-massage

If you sit in cars or at desks for long periods of time, this quick simple neck and shoulder self-massage will relieve the creeping tension and tight painful muscles. And the relief will certainly heighten your productivity.  So I invite you to learn it here!

Step 1 of this neck and shoulder self-massage

Tilt the head back.  Squeeze the flesh at the base of the neck on either side of the spine with the palms and fingers of each hand. While squeezing, slowly roll the head forward. Hold the stretch for ten seconds. Return the head to an upright position. The amount of flesh you squeeze depends on how relaxed your muscles are.

Step 2

Stroke your hands up and down the back of the neck to warm the area up. Make deep circular pressures all around the neck with the fingers of both hands. Certainly do not apply pressure to the spine.

Step 3 

Place the left hand on the right shoulder and squeeze the muscle there. While holding the squeeze, slowly rotate the shoulder backwards. A grinding noise indicates that the muscles are tense. Repeat the massage with the right hand on the left shoulder.

Step 4

Pummel the right shoulder with the left hand to bring fresh blood to the area. Support the left elbow with the right hand for comfort and keep the wrist loose and floppy as you swiftly strike the flesh. Repeat the pummelling on the left shoulder. This will probably be very pleasant.

Step 5

Firmly stroke from the centre of the chest outwards with the fingers while applying deep pressure between the ribs. When you reach the edges of the ribcage, return to the centre and repeat the massage. Feel for and concentrate on tense spots as you work over the chest.

This wonderful short neck and shoulder self-massage

will certainly relieve tension during a working day. You’ll therefore be more productive, because the pain of the creeping tension won’t occupy the mind. We can’t be productive when something hurts us. You can do the massage through clothes and also absolutely anywhere. The benefits of regular massage treatments in the long term are truly marvellous for you and all people around you. I’m qualified in 8 types of massage.  Would you like to know more? Let me tell you.

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