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Why I Ask Men Many Questions at the Beginning of Our Acquaintance

Because nobody does and because asking questions is important for the benefit of the men who see me. Why are many men shocked and suspicious when I ask many questions at the beginning of our acquaintance?

Again, because nobody else does.

Women in this field do not ask questions, hence asking many questions is not the norm. Women in this field are in it for money. Most make it blatantly obvious so that you don’t have a chance to doubt that fact! So they’ll tell you anything you want to hear to hook your interest and lure you into paying them a visit. These women care about your cash, not about what you want. They are robots who sell intimacy and deliver the opposite in a conveyor belt operation. They care about the numbers, the profits. Never mind the fact that you’re a human being with feelings and desires. So they don’t ask questions about who you are and what you want. Besides, they don’t have the intellectual capacity to ask the right questions. So is it a surprise that someone who asks questions shocks?

Questions about what you want to buy

Here’s an example of what I’m writing about here. Many men relate well to cars, so let’s say that you want to buy a car. You go to a dealer. A bad salesman will recite a list of features and meaningless taglines. But the list of features won’t address what you want in and from a car – your preferences. A good salesman will ask questions. About what you want in and from a car. He will  ask about every detail – the style, colour, features, specs. Then he’ll show you cars that match your preferences as closely as possible. Or if he doesn’t have a car that matches your preferences, he’ll tell you.

When he asks questions about what you want in and from a car, he cares firstly about your preferences and secondly about selling. You feel that he cares about your preferences first, because there’re more salesmen who care firstly – if not only – about selling… And we all spot them from a mile. The good salesman knows that it pays to care about your preferences because he will far more likely sell you a car that matches your preferences than a car that doesn’t. Logical, isn’t it?

Well, not to every man, as it seems from my years of experience. Albeit my friend is the executive or professional man over 35 who makes informed choices of what and especially whom he buys, I get calls from all sorts. Bless them all because every man who responds to my listing from the ocean of listings online deserves my gratitude for his interest. But since not every man makes informed choices about what and especially whom he buys, I’m inspired to shed light on this topic.

So what’s the benefit of me asking many questions?

The benefit is that I find out what you want. And when I know what you want, I can give it to you, which will make you happy. After all, if you are to pay a stranger for a treat to yourself, an experience of a lifetime, an experience that doesn’t happen every day, you should get that, not half of that or something that you didn’t want.

Since when a man contacts me for the first time we begin a conversation. I don’t know him, hence I don’t know how he thinks and communicates. So I ask questions to find out – to get to know him. For the benefit of both of us. Not all men communicate clearly. And I have to find out where he is on the continuum of clear communication to know how to communicate with him so that we understand each other. Communication builds trust. And isn’t trust super important in this context?

Experiences that I sell are not standard services.

They’re totally personal and tailored to us – me and the man. Conversely, your treat to yourself should be a unique totally personal experience which doesn’t happen every day. Nnot a standardized service.  You should feel special. You should not feel that the woman who you’re with treats you like every man by rote. Hence think about it logically: don’t unique experiences merit unique questions about what you want to experience? You may have burnt your fingers on women who gave you services, not experiences. Thus you came to seek a unique experience from me. You may have unique ideas of how to spend our time. And if I don’t ask you many questions, how will I know? I don’t see into minds. And again, not all men communicate clearly.

I also ask many questions to see whether we would be a good match.

Money never was my primary motivation for being a companion, masseuse, aromatherapist, photographer, and men’s coach. Hence I don’t place primary importance on profits and hooking men’s interest by lying. I am the light bringer for a reason – to bring light into men’s lives. Light, not more of the shite with which the international air space is crowded. I ask men questions to find out whether we have something in common and would be a good match if we met. What’s the point if we’re not to be a good match? If our differences are too great to be tolerable? We wouldn’t get on and I wouldn’t take anyone’s money for what didn’t feel right. Men usually come to me after the millionth disappointment, so I wouldn’t want to add a million first.

And last but never least I ask men many questions to find out whether they have integrity, can be trusted, and I’d feel safe and comfortably with them. And so should you, dear reader, ask many questions of every stranger whom you consider letting into life. Because while objects can’t hurt, blackmail, or deceive you, people can! Hence use common sense and give yourself time to get to know the people to whom you want to be close, even if for a short time.

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