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Elite High Profile Companion Courtesan London – Toronto – International

Female Independent Elite Companion London – Toronto – International

Independent courtesan rates London UK – Toronto – International

The rates of this holistic courtesan, masseuse, men’s coach, and more are for her time and the value that she adds to men’s lives. You can fill your time with her with any activities described on this page or suggest others. Since the value of time will only rise, rises in its price reflect this reality. Kay-Lauren certainly does not advocate that any woman’s time is worth thousands per hour, but everyone puts different value on their time. KL makes her time affordable, accessible, and more valuable to you than any woman who offers prostitution. And KL’s company on a holiday won’t cost you more because time has the same value whether a day is a holiday or not.

Rates are certainly not negotiable and KL will accept them upfront without exceptions in cash or by PayPal in any of the four currencies anywhere in the world. The exchange rates therefore vary daily. Our time together will begin in the place which we agreed. Your staying beyond the agreed time will cost pro rata per minute. Relationships are built through culture, art, and over 100 cups of tea. The way to the heart is through the stomach. Hence the first date with KL will be in a public place.

The shortest rendezvous of 2 hours is… 380 455 665 485
…and you can meet KL for as long as you wish

Here’s why KL charges what she charges

Cancellations and cancellation rates

If you decide not to go ahead at the beginning of our meeting, you will depart lighter in a cancellation fee equivalent to 50% of the fee for your scheduled engagement plus round-trip travel expenses where applicable. This represents a compensation for loss of Kay-Lauren’s time and energy devoted to our engagement and also loss of other opportunities.

Travel arrangements

Do you want this international companion to travel to you? Then add round trip travel rates to the rates for Kay-Lauren’s time. And please refer to the Where & when page.

How much notice to give for meeting this courtesan?
See on the Travel page