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Services, clients, appointments belong to the world of business, not to the world of two people who want to celebrate  life. Unfortunately women who should sell human connection sell services. So men search for services. Hence KL’s only choice is to use this word if she wants men to find her in the ocean of the worldwide web. But KL’s time with a man is certainly not a service. Services are replaceable. But our relationship will be totally unique. That uniqueness makes it irreplaceable. Even adult services clearly do not fulfil successful professional men. If they did, these men wouldn’t also pay psychologists etc. to help them find fulfilment. And there wouldn’t be so much sexual deprivation!

Millions of women sell services. Kay-Lauren enriches lives with experiences.

KL does not provide services. She celebrates and changes men’s lives. Our experiences will be different from the services that women who misleadingly advertise as courtesans and companions sell. Men pay for KL’s time. What happens during the time happens because we want it, not because they pay for it. You won’t be a client, but a human being who will hopefully turn into a lifelong intimate friend.

Another point is that when you pay for time which is to be a treat, you should dictate how you spend it. Other women present a list of services. KL celebrates human connection in a holistic package that no other woman offers. Time is time no matter how we spend it. So you can experience any one, any combination, or all the forms of value that KL can add to your life. That is certainly unique and will be fulfilling and memorable. It will therefore also lead to fulfilment and happiness.

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Services are a collection of mechanical moves. Experiences are more than the sum of their parts.  Special moments with a companion can never be commoditized as services, because connection, chemistry, compatibility are unique to every couple. Hence time spent with a companion is a totally personal experience in which neither party can be replaced. Experiences inspire and fulfill. Kay-Lauren heals with massage, aromatherapy, wisdom, connection, humour. If you’re looking for a companion who will bring light to your days and nights, continue exploring this site.

Companionship + Art

Companion for culture, art, and the social part

  • Sharing genuine well grounded human connection which can take a million forms in a million settings.
  • Accompanying to (in)formal events without people pointing fingers at us and whispering...
  • Escorting men to business functions, banquets, parties, networking events to inject sparkle into the normally boring world of corporate socialising [and again, without our relationship being obvious]
  • Accompanying you to sports events - doesn't sharing the joys of life give more pleasure than living them alone?
  • Accompanying you to and sharing outdoor activities to relish the joy, health, beauty, and energizing vitality these experiences bring.
  • Sharing healing moments in spas, saunas, health clubs, naturist clubs, nudist beaches, etc.
  • Organizing venues, reserving dining tables / show tickets, or whatever else will lighten your to do list, save you time, energy.
  • Personal shopping
  • Erotic photography - implied artistic or lifestyle nudes of you to capture and perpetuate your erotic essence
  • Penis painting - while the English speaking culture ridicules or curses the penis, Kay-Lauren celebrates it as a fantastic art form and paints, photographs, and emails the pix of it to you!
Massage + Aromatherapy

Massage treatments with aromatherapy...

... advice and essential oil blends [where applicable] made in front of you to your best benefit:

  • Chinese [mainly back & buttocks]
  • Indian [head, neck, shoulders]
  • Manual lymphatic drainage [the whole or any parts of the body]
  • Reflexology [feet or hands]
  • Shiatsu [the whole or any parts of the body]
  • Swedish [the classic gentle sensual approach – full or any parts of the body]
  • Thai [similar to yoga - stretches the energy lines in your whole body]

Read more about the art, types, and benefits of massage

  • Discreet, pleasant, safe, comfortable, welcoming, clean, easily accessible environment for massage treatments with free and unrestricted parking to promote your feeling of ease, safety, privacy, pleasure, relaxation, comfort, physical and mental regeneration. Or a location of your choice.
Coaching men

Bringing men even more light...

What motives men to seek courtesans, mistresses, or prostitutes? Consequently, what motives you to do so? What motivates men to marry, divorce, marry, divorce, marry, divorce and still not be happy? Or what motivates men to have a wife, girlfriend, and still pay for sex?  See if you agree.