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The Value of Coaching for Men Who Visit Adult Entertainers

August 1, 2022  |  Coaching for Men

Why is the value of coaching for men who visit adult entertainers so high? And why is it impossible to quantify by a precise figure? Because it is intangible, yet so very tangible in these men’s lives! As value is intangible, it is not easy to grasp. But I’ll do my best to help you do so here…

Most men visit adult entertainers

because they have a problem – or several problems – in life. Some men will feel affronted when they read these words, but that doesn’t change the truth of the fact. And feeling affronted would be a rich area for some good coaching! Many others will deeply identify with this fact. Look at it this way, dear reader: if a man didn’t have a problem or several problems in life, he wouldn’t have to pay for what he should be able to get naturally free of charge. Paying adult “entertainers” is an artificial state of affairs.

Men are generally not good communicators.  I said generally because this doesn’t apply to all men.  But since 60% of the world population are generalists and the societal direction is more and more generalist, this statement is very true. When men don’t know how to clearly communicate with themselves, they don’t know how to clearly communicate with others. And when they don’t know how to clearly communicate with others, they have difficulties in relationships, which isolates them. Thus they pay adult “entertainers” to escape the isolation and fill the emptiness in them. Humans are social creatures. Everyone needs company, touch, compassion, comforting, a compliment, romance, to feel useful, a part of something meaningful, to love and be loved. Hence men pay for the illusion of this inclusion, belonging, closeness. And sex is a physicalisation of all that.

But few men are so lucky that the first adult “entertainer” whom they come across will entertain them in the true sense of the word! And most men know this very well indeed. So looking for that one person in life with whom they will feel all that inclusion and closeness becomes a neverending quest, expenditure, and another complication in their busy lives.

The value of coaching for the long term

When men have a problem or several problems in life, they visit adult “entertainers” because they don’t know how to solve the problem(s). Adult entertainers will not solve the problem(s). They will add another problem – that a man will pay a lot of money for them over the long term. If the man pays for coaching for 4 months, he will find more solutions than that to his problem(s) and will have paid for only the 4 months. Not for years. The solutions which he finds in coaching may even make him a lot more money! Visiting adult “entertainers” will not have that effect.

Hence the value of coaching for men who visit adult entertainers

is that the coach will be the only person in their lives who will ask them how they are and mean it! And the only person who will listen to their deepest troubles without judging. Coaching became so popular in business because people who direct and lead corporations and companies had one person in their lives who was interested in their troubles and feelings. One person whom they could tell what they couldn’t tell colleagues, family members, and the public.  It is immensely relieving and liberating to have such person in our lives. Even if we pay that person!

After all, the western society encourages suppressing bad feelings and not talking about bad things. Everything has to be nice and good all the time. If you ask someone who they are and they tell you that they’re badly, will you know how to deal with it? Or will you go quiet for a second and continue as if nothing happened? And if someone asks you how you are, will you say that you’re badly if that is true for you at the time? Exactly the point! Suppressed feelings are the source of misery and unhappiness.  The value of coaching for men who visit adult entertainers is to treat the cause at the root – express the bad and find ways to resolve it.

Objective versus subjective

Another value of coaching is that a good coach will always be objective. Colleagues, friends, lovers, and family members are subjective. Hence they don’t make good coaches.  Colleagues, friends, lovers, family members are emotionally involved to various extents. A coach is emotionally neutral. Plus the coach has training which enables her to spot patterns in your spoken and body language that help and also hinder you.  She can point these patterns out as she has an objective and emotionally neutral view of them.  Pointing them out gives you a choice to do something about them.  And if you don’t know what to do, the coach can help you find the right thing to do.

Another value of coaching is that the coach will help you find what to do in very different ways than would colleagues, family members, etc. Because the coach has training that the colleagues, family members, etc. do not have.

You will feel an intimate connection in coaching

that you will never feel with an adult “entertainer”.  This deeply intimate connection develops due to the fact that the coach won’t negatively judge you and a good coach will be genuinely keen to act in your best interests while an adult “entertainer” will care only about your money – thus her interest. You’ll feel that the coach understands you and is on the same wavelength as you because she will deeply listen and hear you. This is why so many clients of coaching fall in love with their coaches! We all feel good when someone understands us!

A man who looks for sex on “escort” sites is driven by hedonism – pleasure.  Coaching will therefore be the last thing on his mind if it even be on his mind at all! Thus some readers may feel resistance while reading this article. But even that resistance is feedback. Well, if you feel that you would strongly benefit, act on the feeling and get coaching.  I promise you that it will change your life like no adult “entertainer” ever would, and be less expensive in the long term. Shall we have a conversation?

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