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Elite High Profile Companion Courtesan London – Toronto – International

Female Independent Elite Companion London – Toronto – International

How is Kay-Lauren different from every other  companion?

  • This companion will give you the money back if you don’t like your experience with her! So you have nothing to risk nor lose! Which other companion would do that?
  • She doesn’t follow industry conventions if they don’t contribute to adding value.
  • And she doesn’t follow trends, nor compete with anyone. She sets a trend that is useful to men who see her.
  • This companion adds value to men in a package that no woman out there offers.  This package looks after the older professional man holistically – body in massage, health, nutritional, and fitness advice, and mind and spirit in coaching. And all three aspects in experiences when KL accompanies you through the celebrations of life.
  • Kay-Lauren pays keen attention to detail.  Excellence is in the detail.
  • And due to coaching KL is immensely attuned to people. She won’t see into your head. But she will sense your happiness, hesitation, respect, disrespect, honesty, dishonesty, holding back, and sincerity. All that is to your benefit!
  • KL doesn’t deceive nor trick people by telling them what they want to hear to get their money.  She prefers to tell things honestly, directly, and straightforwardly even at the risk of losing people who don’t like to hear the truth. And she more than sufficiently proves it here.
  • KL doesn’t look like a companion.  Hence people won’t point at us in public places. After all, you never know who might see you…
  • Her age goes in your favor.  Men look for a companion of this level for company, maturity, experience. Maturity is attractive and comes with age.
  • …and KL is a companion. 99% of women on the internet interchange this term with prostitution. But KL means what she says – companion means companion.

The immediately obvious differences….

  • Most women shout superlatives, yet deliver the opposite.  The truly best people never use superlatives.  They live in the quiet confidence that you’ll intuitively sense what sets them apart.
  • Other “companions” will give you little for a lot of money. Kay-Lauren is not motivated by money, but by adding value and bringing light to men’s lives. And making the world a better place!
  • And most women sell one thing – and even that is of poor quality. KL adds value in a holistic package which will enrich, not deplete you.  KL does not sell services, but experiences that celebrate human connection and life.
  • The higher the class of the companion, the higher her rates.  No woman is worth thousands plus high class gifts for nothing.  Reasonable is memorable. And  exorbitant rates don’t guarantee exceptional quality!
  • …and the greater their greed!  While many “high-end companions” are low enough to blackmail their clients for money, a person who is not motivated by money has no reason to do that!
  • People use the word massage misleadingly these days.  It means different things to different people. And not everyone who claims to offer a relaxing and health promoting massage knows how to do it.  Yet a massage done well is far more fulfilling than artificial intimacy with artificial women in artificial circumstances!  KL is qualified and determined to show men how massage should be done!

And how else is this companion different?

  • Discretion is an important factor for men who engage with companions.  Discretion is always in the detail, timeless consistency, and all forms of communication. Most women do not think through the details, because they do not have the intellectual capacity to do so. Being considerate costs nothing and makes our lives better!
  • Discretion and confidentiality go hand in hand.  Yet how many times have we witnessed greedy women kissing and telling for a quick buck?  KL would rather earn the buck slowly, but with clean conscience and lifelong trusting friendships!
  • Money talks, but not always.  Principles are expensive. But KL prefers to remain incorruptible to being bought into practices that might threaten her health, safety, dignity, discretion, and integrity.  The benefit to you is that you won’t dip your life in doubtful circles, give you and your family a disease, nor destroy your career and dignity!
  • KL sends 19 out of 20 enquirers elsewhere because she places the compatibility of our personalities, values, interests, and desires before monetary gain.  The benefit to you is that the better this compatibility, the better the quality of the time with the companion you’re buying! The exclusive approach is qualitative, not quantitative.
  • While most companions operate restricted hours which is not convenient for many traveling professionals, KL strives for maximal flexibility. But planning is always necessary to achieve this standard consistently.  Please refer to the guidelines on the travel page.